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Dear Peace Lover,

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. As the drum beat for war gets louder everyday, I invite you to help spread a simple message of peace using a different approach. This approach utilizes a method familiar to all - advertising. The product being advertised is peace. Instead of gruesome images of wounded children and slogans like "No Blood For Oil" that stir the emotions of sadness and outrage, these ads are designed to appeal to positive emotions like love, happiness and prosperity. So, it is my pleasure to present a trio of ads that recycle a slogan from the sixties, Make Love, Not War, and state simple truisms regarding war. I hope you will try using this different approach to sow seeds of peace in the hearts of people by posting one of these ads on your website, your blog, your facebook page or other social media, or maybe just e-mail one to a friend. These images make excellent wallpaper for computers.

To download copies of these ads, simply click on the image(s) above that you want. This will take you to the Flickr page where that image is posted. To download the image, click on the download icon (arrow pointing down) and select which size you would like to download, then download it. To obtain the html code to embed the image onto a web page (and some blogs), click on the share icon (arrow to the right) and select embed, select the size you want and copy the code in the box, then paste it where you want it. The icons are located to the bottom right of the image displayed on the Flickr pages. I only ask that you do not alter any of the images.

Let me thank you in advance for participating in this project to advertise peace and helping to plant some seeds - maybe a few sprouts will grow. Most of all I would like to thank the charming and mysterious model known only as Alex who has graciously allowed her lovely face to appear in these ads. Thank you so much, Alex!

Peace Forever,

Your Mysterious Editor Known Only As Tomas

P.S. - If this is your first visit to PNAR, I urge you to become a regular visitor if you are interested in news and views that are not always published in the corporate media. At PNAR, there are no ads, no pop-ups, no solicitations for money, no data collection of any type and no appeals for you to support any political candidate, ever.