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Selection Day is upon us and on that day the rubes of America will select the next imperial ruler of the world, assuming that honest vote counting is afforded. Rubes will have the dubious opportunity to select one of the two imperial senators pre-selected by the two leading political cults (and criminal cabals) in America. From the primordial ooze of collectivist tyranny and political fuckery, Senator Obama and Senator McCain have emerged as the leaders of their respective cults.

Most rubes accept the political fantasy that these candidates are vastly different from each other, but they are actually very much the same. Although both have white mothers, one is a black man and the other is a white man. They both purport to be Christians, though Obama is accused of being a secret Muslim by some members of the McCain cult. In reality, one is sort of white, the other is very white, and they both worship mammon and the state.

There are only minor differences between the two candidates on most issues. The voting records of McCain and Obama, along with the statements they have made (and the statements they haven't made), give a fairly clear view of where they stand on various issues. The foreign policy positions of the two cult leaders are remarkably similar. Both men have vowed to protect Israel at any cost. However, there are minor differences. Obama says he will talk to the enemies created by the government. McCain will not bother to talk to them. Apparently, neither candidate will listen to anything these "enemies" say.

Obama wants to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq as soon as possible, but in a responsible manner. McCain wants to keep U.S. troops in Iraq until it would be prudent to pull them out - in a responsible manner. Both men want to send more troops to Afghanistan where they believe the real war on terror is being fought. On the issue of Iran, the two men have one clear difference. McCain would prefer to invade Iran from Iraq and Obama would rather invade Iran from Afghanistan.

American rubes love a man with a plan and the cult leaders will not disappoint them. McCain and Obama both have energy plans that will regulate energy markets and directly or indirectly subsidize energy corporations. Both candidates will have health care plans that will regulate associated industries and directly or indirectly subsidize corporations involved with health care. There will be many plans and, as often as possible, the public/private partnership model (fascism) will be utilized. As long as future generations pay for these plans, the rubes will be happy.

Regardless of which cult leader is selected to be ruler of the world, America will remain on its current course. There is little question that McCain and Obama agree on the following items:

* the powers of the imperial president should continue to increase

* the size, scope and powers of the federal government should continue to expand

* the federal budget and national debt should continue to grow

* privacy of American rubes should continue to be diminished

* databases on the rubes maintained by various government agencies should continue to expand

* the prison population of America should continue to increase

* the war on terror should continue and take on new dimensions

* the war on certain drugs should continue and be expanded to as many other nations as possible

* the list of one million terrorist suspects should continue to grow by at least 20,000 names per month

* welfare payments to individuals made poor by government policies should continue

* welfare payments to corporations and individuals made wealthy by government policies should continue

* the fiat dollar should continue to be debased

* sweeping warrantless surveillance of the rubes should continue

* the monitoring of financial transactions should continue to be expanded

* several hundred thousand U.S. troops should continue to be based in dozens of foreign countries

* bailouts of mismanaged financial institutions should continue

It is safe to assume that devotees of the McCain cult will select him to be the supreme ruler and the enthusiastic members of the Obama cult will cast their lot with Obama. The rubes that go back and forth between cults should feel safe and comfortable knowing there will be no noticeable changes no matter whom they select. By all means, rubes of all political faiths should embrace the fantasy of choice on Selection Day. Indeed, it is the civic duty of every rube to lend legitimacy to the empire and to exhalt their rulers. To do anything else would only invite anarchy (self-rule) and alienate all the rubes who work hard and play by the rules imposed upon them.

This article contributed by Tom Blanton of Richmond, Virginia.