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Make no mistake about it - when thousands of uninvited and undocumented foreigners enter a country, it is an invasion. It is even more appalling when these foreigners are encouraged by their leaders to invade another nation. It is nothing short of a declaration of war even though no official declaration exists.

It is no wonder that the citizens of a nation become outraged when arrogant foreigners show up and expect to be welcomed. These foreign invaders then parade through the streets displaying their foreign flag demanding that legal citizens adopt their customs. To add insult to injury, these foreign invaders have no intention of assimilating into the culture or learning the language.

To make matters worse, the foreigners send for their friends back home to come and take jobs that rightfully belong to legal citizens. Good jobs such as construction work, transportation and security services are given to these foreigners for pay that often exceeds what legal citizens are willing to accept for the same jobs!

It should be no surprise that among the thousands of foreign invaders there are criminal elements. There have been many reports of foreigners raping and murdering innocent legal citizens. Due to the overwhelming numbers of these foreigners, little effort has been made to bring them to justice.

Newspapers regularly report incidents where armed foreigners invade the homes of legal citizens, destroy and steal property, kidnap occupants, and even murder whole families. Some legal residents have taken up arms to defend their homes and families from the dangerous foreigners, but their numbers have been relatively small. When citizens have been successful at preventing atrocities or driving the invaders away, they have actually been labeled as terrorists by those who support the foreigners.

The democratically elected leaders seem to support the foreign invasion, giving the foreigners special privileges and giving them places to stay. Some of these foreigners live in places that ordinary legal citizens regard as palaces. Of course, it is no secret that the foreigners support these political leaders and have helped them attain power.

More and more Iraqis wish the American invaders would leave their country, but their leaders lack the political will to demand an end to the occupation. The invasion has provoked social unrest to the point of civil war and the economy of Iraq has been devastated.

Meanwhile, back in America, some claim that Mexico has invaded the country as unarmed Mexicans enter the country to be hired by Americans. The Americans complain that Mexicans bring in the drugs Americans consume, take jobs Americans won't do, and take advantage of the welfare state Americans have created. Ironically, most of those who complain about the peaceful immigration of Mexicans are the very ones who support the military invasion of Iraq.

Perhaps freedom is on the march somewhere, but it is hard to see it in America or Iraq.

This article contributed by Tomas of Richmond, Virginia.