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Throughout human history people have often made incredibly bad choices when choosing their leaders. It seems there exists in human nature the desire to be ruled by infallible god-like beings. The modern day professional politician is aware of this and every attempt is made to create the perception of infallibility.

It should be no surprise that narcissistic sociopaths are attracted to the great power that political office holders possess in the modern super-state. In fact, it is the sociopath that is most able to create the perception of being god-like. No lie is too big and no Machiavellian deception is too unscrupulous for the professional politician.

The concept of citizen legislators in America is long forgotten and the modern voter shows little of the skepticism that past generations had when confronted by silver-tongued snake oil salesmen. Today, voters not only accept without skepticism professional politicians that appear to be perfect, they insist on voting for these professional politicians.

It is no mistake that most professional politicians all look similar. Political consultants have made a science out of determining what the majority of voters want. Generally, the professional politician always wears a suit and tie. Of course, the suit is not an ordinary suit that one might wear to a funeral or wedding.

The politician's suit must be specially tailored and made of the finest material. The suits are generally dark and the silk tie must be of a simple design and only a certain range of colors is acceptable. The only deviation from the suit and tie is the occasional event where nobody in attendance will be wearing a suit. Then, the politician dresses down to show people (especially southerners) that he is just plain folk - just like them.

The professional politician rarely, if ever, has any facial hair. Often it appears that all facial hair has been removed by electrolysis. Blemishes are covered by makeup and unsightly moles or warts are removed by surgery. The professional politician's hair often appears to be a plastic wig molded in a manner that best compliments the politician's waxy facial features.

Fashion consultants and beauticians are indispensable to the professional politician. Voters refuse to accept a candidate that looks like an ordinary person. At a time when fewer and fewer people wear suits and ties, it is odd that people expect politicians to wear the costume of the least trusted people in society - lawyers, salesmen and television news readers.

The consummate professional politician must also have the ability to smile. Political consultants have learned that a majority of voters want to see a smiling face. Even if a candidate's smile appears to be a cynical smirk or a hideous grimace, the candidate must smile. It would seem that voters might be suspicious of a person who is smiling when there is no reason to smile, but focus groups have apparently determined that a candidate must smile even when discussing grave issues.

The modern candidate must not only be obsessed by appearance, he must also have the ability to be deceptive. This is the area in which the sociopath truly excels. In addition to providing voters with vague platitudes and jingoistic rhetoric, the professional politician must be able to evade questions, promise the impossible and lie without remorse - all while smiling.

Many professional politicians preface nearly every remark with the phrase: "let me say this". The televised performance of the robotic political mannequin portrayed by the modern politician often consists of a forum where an entertainer posing as serious journalist appears with the politician.

The person playing the role of the journalist will often appear to be much like the politician - suit, tie, perfect hairdo, and unblemished skin. The journalist can be counted on to ask the professional politician questions that are often preselected by agreement.

The politician will usually thank the journalist for asking a question. The politician then responds by saying, "let me say this". Of course, the journalist lets him say whatever he wants without further questions. The politician will then rephrase the question and respond in an evasive manner.

The professional politician seeks to give an answer that can be interpreted in more than one way. He wants to please those who already support him while not saying anything that any opponents could use against him. Statements must be vague enough to allow the candidate wiggle room in the future should he change his message to reflect public opinion.

The best statements will include a slogan that everyone can agree with and even the most ignorant voter will understand and remember. The slogan is often a carefully crafted sound-bite written by a committee of political consultants.

Despite making voters feel good about a candidate, abstractions such as truth, justice and liberty do not motivate voters. They are motivated by fear, hatred and greed. Above all else, the professional politician knows what motivates voters. They spend thousands of dollars polling voters to find out what they want to hear and what will motivate them to vote a certain way.

Professional politicians can only be distinguished by the rhetoric they use to preach fear, hatred and greed to their supporters. They seek to appeal the the basest instincts of the voters and they use every opportunity to exploit the emotions of the voters.

It is no wonder that corrupt sociopaths seek public office and are the best at winning these offices. They are the only ones vile enough to cynically manipulate people to achieve their own goal. That goal being to acquire the unrestrained power to glorify themselves, steal and murder in the name of the public good.

This article contributed by Tom Blanton of Richmond, Virginia.