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The Terror President, Bush Junior, is out and Obama is in. The Terror President was perhaps the most impeachable president in U.S. history, yet the members of Congress refused to hold him accountable for his war crimes and crimes against the American people. It is highly unlikely that the partially white President Obama will seek to prosecute Bush Junior, a very white crazy-ass cracker. Obama's refusal to prosecute Bush Junior may be an impeachable offense in itself, but it is probably too soon to call for the impeachment of Obama.

I am fairly certain that I will be calling for the impeachment of Obama within weeks. I am also fairly certain that many Republicrats that support Obama will accuse those who oppose him of being racists. I was never called a racist for supporting the impeachment of Bush, but things are different with Obama. Many of those who oppose Obama actually do hold racist attitudes towards people of his races.

The fact is, I am a racist. But, that has nothing to do with my dislike of Obama. Don't get me wrong - some of my best friends are white. It's just that I have little use for most white folks. I find white people in general to be ignorant, arrogant, and lazy. They seem to believe that they are superior to everyone else and they think they are entitled to a high standard of living just for listening to themselves talk. Many whites aspire to do nothing more in life than attend meetings all day where they scribble on legal pads, eat pastries, drink coffee, and babble on about minding other peoples' business.

It is obvious to me that most white people are also culturally inferior. They wear boring clothes - the men tend to dress nearly the same making it almost impossible to tell them apart. They enjoy listening to boring music devoid of rhythm and soul. They like to eat bland food like casseroles containing mayonnaise. They like to live amongst themselves in suburban houses that all look alike. Also, let's not forget that America's worst presidents have all been white.

Many of Obama's supporters point out that he is not purely of the caucasian persuasion, but I believe that even one drop of white blood running through his veins should be enough to cause concern. Unlike Obama, who likes to remind us that his mother is white, I rarely mention that I was born into a white family. I don't consider the race of my parents to be anybody's business and I don't particularly like to associate myself with a race of people who are prone to violence and larceny on a grand scale.

You can rest assured that when I start calling for the impeachment of Obama, it will not be because of his race. Once Obama begins his crime spree in earnest, I will do my best to articulate specific and valid reasons to impeach him. Obama is already poised to ignore the crimes of Bush Junior and I have no reason to believe that he will not continue to engage in the same sort of war crimes Bush is guilty of. Before even being sworn in as Imperial President, Obama was involved in taking money from ordinary Americans of all races to give to his rich white friends on Wall Street.

Perhaps it is not too soon to call for the impeachment of Obama.

party time
Obama with his wacky white cousins.

This article contributed by Tom Blanton of Richmond, Virginia.