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Talk radio is poisoning the minds of many listeners and destroying political debate in America. Posing as astute political commentators, talk radio entertainers ply the airwaves with propaganda, lies, hatred, and a strange twisted morality. This tripe has debased political debate to a level appealing only to imbeciles.

Entertainers such as Rush Limbaugh (a recovering drug addict) and Glenn Beck (a recovering alcoholic) rage with righteous indignation over anecdotal stories of immorality while fully indoctrinated (and fully screened) callers phone in their praise.

Rush's callers have been known as "ditto heads" because they begin their calls saying: "double dittos, Rush" - meaning they agree with everything he says. Beck's callers often address him as "sick freak" in a joking manner.

Listening to Sean Hannity, one will hear him address his callers as "my friend" as they inform Hannity that he is a "great American" - presumably because he memorizes and regurgitates the daily White House talking points better than any other pundit. Hannity always stays on message and is not one to let facts or objective thinking intrude into his scripted reality.

Add the deranged Michael Savage to the mix and a talk radio station has twelve hours of continuous "conservative" talk. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Savage all share a love for the glory of war, an irrational hatred of liberals, and the view that torture is funny.

To these paragons of moral righteousness, torture is a joke. Oh, but of course America doesn't torture people - the President says so. Anyone who believes what those America-hating Hollywood liberals say about torture obviously supports terrorism. Of course, the U.S. Army reports verifying torture were probably written by Hollywood liberals.

All talk radio hosts agree that the liberals in Hollywood who want to destroy America and support the terrorists are evil. The radio talkers deride them as mere entertainers who know nothing about politics or what ordinary Americans want. These propagandists don't seem to realize that they are also highly paid entertainers who are clueless about ordinary Americans.

It is the talk radio listener's duty to possess an irrational hatred of liberals. Presumably because liberals favor big intrusive government and big spending. The talk radio fan must ignore the fact that President Bush makes Clinton look like a libertarian when it comes to big intrusive government, big budgets, big deficits, and big brother police state policies.

The morally righteous talk radio listener (or victim) must support the President 100% because, as we all know, Bush is a good Christian. When Bush says America doesn't torture, we must believe him - even though the President who has never vetoed a bill threatens to veto any legislation that bans torture. Because Bush is such a good Christian, his lies and manipulations must be forgiven.

In the upside down world of talk radio, war is a good thing and death is to be celebrated. Torture is comedy and lies are merely mistakes. Corruption and crimes commited by Bush or his supporters should be ignored because all the good things they do (which the liberal media doesn't report) far outweigh any "mistakes" made. After all, America is at war.

America is at war with itself. The Republicans and Democrats have met the enemy and it is them. While the talk radio brownshirts claim the Democrats are radical leftists, listeners are required to ignore the fact that the vast majority of Democrats are centrists just like the vast majority of Republicans.

Perhaps this is the reason that the two parties can't honestly debate any real issues - Americans would discover there is no meaningful difference. So, instead they call each other names and debate which party is worse than the other in regards to corruption and hypocrisy.

The propagandists have produced enough misinformed citizens to skew any reasonable debate about any issue. The elitist scumbags that support the phony Republican/Democrat propaganda tools should rot in hell for what they have done to America. They have divided the nation into two camps that both cling to delusions that rob us all of our life, liberty and property.

My only suggestion is to kill your radio. While you're at it, shoot your television and burn your newspaper. Whenever a Republican or Democrat opens their mouth, cover your ears and scream. Learn to observe the reality of tyranny that is in front of your face and deal with it. Stop letting entertainers (from radio or Hollywood) do your thinking for you. Most important, stop voting for Republicans and Democrats. If you have no alternatives, don't vote at all.

This article contributed by Tom Blanton of Richmond, Virginia.