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Hey Rube! Quit whining. They say Americans get the government they deserve and you got it - hard. A recent poll of American rubes showed that a super-majority disapproved of the job Congress is doing. Well, gosh darn! But wait, wasn't there an election less than a year ago?

I'd like to think the rubes that still bother to vote have wised up and figured out that politicians are pathological liars, thieves and murderers, but I'd only be fooling myself. Rubes have always wanted to throw the bums out of Congress. The problem is that most rubes think their own political leaders are saints and so they never vote them out. It's always the Congress members from other districts that are the problem, they think.

So, rubes get the government they deserve. They insist on voting for the clown with the best hair, the whitest teeth, and the best empty promises. Rubes demand lies from the shysters they vote for. They want happy talk and promises that the government will take care of them from womb to tomb - all paid for by someone else (like their own kids). Rubes want a government run by thugs with guns and plenty of prisons to enforce their brand of morality.

Forgive me for telling the rubes to quit their whining, but they have gotten exactly what they wanted. It's sort of like a little kid who begs for a bag of candy complaining of a tummy ache after eating the whole bag. The rubes have wanted everything from warfare to welfare from their government and now they are on the hook for $59 Trillion.

When the government spends more than rubes are willing to pay for, it borrows the cash or creates it out of thin air. Either way, it results in economic problems. Some of the rubes out there have noticed that their dollars ain't worth as much as they used to be. Surprise, surprise.

The 2008 presidential campaign that is underway demonstrates that the rubes haven't learned much. The candidates that have a proven track record of lying are out front. This season, the rubes are buying empty promises of total security, cheap health care, and a great economy. This means we can look forward to more war, more inflation, and a tougher police state after the next election.

I'll offer this advice to the rubes out there. It isn't Mexicans, Muslims, gays, rich people, poor people, Chinese people, gun owners, gun grabbers, black people, white people, Baptists, men, women, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, environmentalists, drug users, Mormons, pundits, lobbyists, movie stars, and/or Arabs that are causing problems for the average American. It is the politicians and the rubes that buy their bullshit causing the major problems.

As long as there are rubes, professional politicians and government, things will get worse. The value of the dollar will decline. Wars will continue. Prisons will fill up. Privacy will be invaded. Terrorists will blow things up. Big business will rip you off. The national debt will rise.

And, if you are wondering where all these rubes are, the first place to look just might be your own mirror.

This article contributed by Tom Blanton of Richmond, Virginia.