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The final hours of 2006 saw the death toll of Americans in Iraq hit 3,000. But, don't let that bother you because it is worth it, according to Condoleezza Rice. She should know because "she's really smart", says Bush - who is dumber than dog shit (or insane).

The President is not the only obtuse idiot (or psycho) running around loose. There are millions of dense dimwits and dopey dolts goose-stepping and clicking their heels to Bush's drumbeat of dumbness. These would be the millions of Americans that suck up every pompous platitude uttered by the President and accept them without question.

It is possible that Bush is not an idiot. He may be mad, or he may be a sociopath. Whatever Bush may be, those who internalize his vapid verbiage suffer from a disease worse than mere stupidity. Anyone who mistakes Bush's jingoistic bromides for statesmanship must certainly be a fool.

Bush told us that the 9/11 attacks took place because "they" hate "our freedom". This statement is so idiotic that Bush and his minions have never even bothered to articulate an argument for it. Of course, Bush may have been projecting his own hatred of freedom onto the evil-doers. But, large numbers of numbskulls continue to regurgitate this nonsense with patriotic fervor.

We are asked to believe that American soldiers are dying in Iraq to protect "our freedom". While there have been many reasons given to justify this war of choice, protecting American freedom was never advanced as an excuse for the invasion of Iraq. Obviously, American freedom can only be limited by the American government. It is also rather obvious that since the "war on terror" (another idiotic concept), Americans have suffered a loss of liberty at the hands of government.

It is hard to believe that so many people take Bush seriously when any thought that is too complex to be expressed in an incomplete sentence is beyond the President's grasp. One moronic notion that has been advanced by Bush and his cronies has recently become even more moronic. We have been told for some time that if we weren't fighting "them" on the streets of Iraq, we would have to fight "them" in the streets of America.

This absurd idea was recently adapted as an argument against withdrawing from Iraq. The new meme is that if America pulls out of Iraq, "they" will follow the soldiers back to America. No explanation has ever been made for this tripe and no argument has ever been made as to why this could be true. Yet, millions of brain-dead Americans accept this hokum as fact.

The most dangerous idea advanced by Bush and his warmongering friends is that American soldiers can't leave Iraq because that would mean that Americans already killed in Iraq died in vain. This is certainly a death warrant for American soldiers who must stay in Iraq until the "job" is finished, the "mission" completed, or "victory" is achieved. Unfortunately, none of these terms has ever been defined.

Since Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is so damned smart, and since she thinks that the war is worth the lives of thousands of Americans (and many more Iraqis), maybe she can define what the job is, what the mission is, and what victory is. I suspect the reason that these terms have not been clearly articulated is because Bush and his cronies have no intention of leaving Iraq for many years. It is not the stupidity of Bush that is in question here - it is the stupidity of the American people willing to accept this rhetorical rubbish as a rational strategy.

American soldiers will continue to die for dumbness - not so much the dumbness of America's political leaders, but the dumbness of Americans for buying so much bullshit. The Americans dying in Iraq are beginning to wise up. It's about time for Americans not dying there to speak up whenever confronted with the idiotic nonsense that passes for political discourse in these times.

This article contributed by Tom Blanton of Richmond, Virginia.